The Movement

International Movement

The functional medicine model is being spread internationally. To date, more than 65 healthcare professionals from 54 countries have participated in our educational programs. IFM has also collaborated with institutions abroad to make functional medicine education available to the international audience.

International Programs: 

  • AFMCP in London, UK - For the first time, in fall 2011, IFM’s five-day foundational course, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice®, was offered outside the United States.
  • South Africa - A two-year Functional Medicine Study Group, sponsored by AmiPro, is convening through monthly Webinars and occasional onsite lectures offering clinical pearls and case management approaches by various functional medicine practitioners. The program uses the Textbook of Functional Medicine as the cornerstone of the course.
  • Master of Science, Person Centred Nutrition, London, UK –This course begins in January, 2012 at the Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (subject to validation by Middlesex University in October). The Person-Centred approach takes a strong practical and academic functional nutrition focus leading to the formulation of nutrition plans. The full MSc programme provides exceptional opportunities to engage in developing meaningful research evidence to support personalized nutrition interventions.
  • Points Beyond - IFM is in dialogue about pilot projects and collaborations with many interested academic institutions from Thailand to Brazil, from Mexico to Italy.