What is the "Omics" Revolution?

The Future of Health Care

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, IFM’s co-founder and mentor to countless Functional Medicine practitioners, takes us on a journey into genomic applications in Functional Medicine. Dr. Bland helps us imagine a view of health care that helps patients achieve wellness and resilience using real-time, tailored information.


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July 2015 

Video Lecture Summary: Dr. Bland educates and inspires us with a vision of the possibilities for personalizing both prevention and treatment in a timely, data-driven way.

August 2015 

Article Summary: Medicine is in the midst of a cultural shift from “average” to “personalized,” and Functional Medicine is providing the operating system for individualized clinical care.

September 2015 

Article Summary: Genetic testing is a powerful starting point—a way to identify actionable opportunities that can inform clinicians and empower patients. But genomic testing requires a systems analysis to be more specific in its predictive ability.

October 2015 

Article Summary: It could be argued that cancer is the past, present, and future of personalized medicine. Over the past decade, a new understanding of the etiology of cancer has started to emerge as, in part, a systemic functional disorder associated with alterations in cellular biology.

November 2015 

Article Summary: We are in the age of redefining how we gather data and what those data mean to the individual.

December 2015 

Article Summary: How and when should we consider epigenetic effects versus cellular reactions or other, non-genomic considerations?