IFM's Educational Plan

Transformation—a pretty big job! If you want to transform the way you approach chronic disease, let IFM be your partner. With its renowned leadership, scientific rigor, innovative tools, and continually evolving concepts about health care, IFM has created an educational program that will empower you to practice 21st century medicine. You can enroll in IFM’s Certification Program and follow a formal path to advanced training, or simply join us for onsite and online learning whenever your schedule permits.

Click on any of the product links below to learn more about the IFM educational plan and any of our programs or products. You may also visit us at or call us at 800.228.0622 to learn which programs are the best fit for your plan.

IFM's Life-long Learning ProgramsMembershipPublicationsAnnual International ConferenceeLearning CME credits availablePath to IFM's CertificationApplying Functional Medicine in Clinical PracticeG.I. Advanced Practice ModuleDetox Advanced Practice ModuleImmune Advanced Practice ModuleHormone Advanced Practice ModuleCardiometabolic Advanced Practice ModuleEnergy Advanced Practice ModuleReview Course1 Case Study and Written ExamIFM Certified PractionerImage Map

Click here to download a printable version of the IFM educational plan.