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It is the goal of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) to prevent and reverse the epidemic of complex, chronic disease. Educators in academic medicine have a significant role to play in helping accomplish this goal. We invite you to become involved with IFM’s academic medicine initiative.Click here to learn about medical education programs that have succeeded in including functional medicine principles in their medical school and residency training.

21st Century Medicine: A New Model for Medical Education and Practice is frequently used by faculty who want to introduce functional medicine to their colleagues or department heads. It is thoroughly referenced, and it explores the significant issues surrounding health care today, builds a case for the need for an alternative to the current acute-care model, clarifies the functional medicine model and distinguishes it from other emerging models, and discusses the challenge of synthesizing a model of health care for the 21st century that integrates the best components of both established and emerging knowledge and practices. Included are two detailed case studies utilizing the functional medicine approach.

For succinct descriptions of functional medicine and what to expect when working with a functional medicine practitioner, you will find our “What is Functional Medicine”  and “Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner” documents helpful.

Please feel free to call or e-mail Laurie Hofmann, Executive Director, for more information about opportunities and tools for educators. Phone: 505.471.9020