Financial Benefits

IFM Members receive significant financial discounts as well as access to exclusive content as part of their annual membership.

  • Registration fees for any IFM educational conference are automatically discounted 10% for current IFM members. This includes Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP), IFM's Annual International Conference, Advanced Practice Modules (APMs), and Exploring Functional Medicine (EFM).
  • Current IFM members will receive 10% off the price of any IFM product purchase (with the exception of those related to the IFM Certification Program).
  • Special Offers

    IFM members can receive significant discounts on the following products and subscriptions:

    • LivingMatrix - cloud-based application designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Functional Medicine practices
    • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy - A health coaching certificate program based on the principles of Functional Medicine
    • Dr. Journal Club - website where busy Functional Medicine practitioners can keep up-to-date with the latest clinically relevant research studies
    • Integrated & Functional Connections - a leading-edge placement firm that connects providers to career opportunities in Integrative and Functional Medicine healthcare.

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