Connect with the IFM Community

  • Member Forum
    • The member forum offers clinicians a virtual environment to ask questions, compare notes and share resources. Any member may initiate discussion on their topic of interest and the forum is structured to as to keep like subjects together yet allow for forum-wide searches. Each month different hosts are selected from IFM Faculty and the Functional Medicine community. The host will be available for consultation and will review case studies.
  • Post Local Group Meetings
    • This listing tool was created to help promote Functional Medicine group meetings hosted by IFM members and to spread the word for practitioners seeking a place in their own communities to learn more about Functional Medicine. The search tool is open to the public, but only IFM members can post announcements.
  • Member Search
    • The searchable IFM member directory lists all current members along with their specialties, educational degrees and locations. The intent is to further communication between groups in the same geographic area or field of interest, and to provide an informal functional medicine referral service.

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