Clinical Practice Toolkit

Valuable resources in the members-only toolkit include:

  • Functional Medicine Matrix Model - a newly revised, indispensable diagnostic tool to organize and integrate information and facilitate the decision-making process

  • Environmental Toxins - various articles and resources on toxicity and detoxification as well as environmental illnesses

  • Exercise and Movement - logs, calendars, and other tools to monitor exercise as well as descriptions of specific workouts

  • Food and Nutrition - everything from recipes to diet diaries to lists of appropriate foods

  • IFM Forms and Tools - information and guidance on the functional medicine timeline and matrix

  • Intake Forms, Questionnaires, and Assessment Tools - tools to help practitioners work with and assess their patients

  • Lists - reading lists, internet sources, and various diagrams

  • Practice Management - tools to help with the logistics of running your medical practice

  • Stress and Restoration - guides on stress management, mindful breathing, sleep, and so forth

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