IFM Tools

Functional Medicine expands your clinical toolbox to help patients with lifestyle change. These turnkey tools accelerate patient care and patient compliance while building on IFM's sophisticated model for teaching and practicing Functional Medicine.

Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC, On Functional Medicine Tools to Expand on Your Current Successes

IFM provides the following proprietary tools for implementing Functional Medicine in your practice:

The Functional Medicine Tree

The Functional Medicine Tree is an explanatory tool that helps clinicians communicate with other clinicians, as well as patients, about the key differences between Functional Medicine and conventional medicine. The leaves and branches represent symptoms and diseases, which conventional medicine focuses on to arrive at a named diagnosis, with each specialty isolated on its own branch. Functional Medicine instead focuses on the foundations of the tree, which represent the foundations of health, to understand the true “root” causes of dysfunction.

The GOTOIT Heuristic

The "GOTOIT" heuristic provides a simple framework for the steps you can take to get to the root of each patient’s dysfunction and apply individualized treatments that address that specific cause. GOTOIT stands for: Gather, Organize, Tell, Order, Initiate, and, Track. We all encounter patients with complex chronic diseases and using the GOTOIT model can helped you identify patterns in patients, get to the root cause of their problem, and prescribe appropriate, individualized treatments.

The Functional Medicine Timeline

The Functional Medicine Timeline is a tool for organizing the patient’s history chronologically. This graphical representation allows the clinician to view temporal relationships among events, which can reveal cause-effect relationships that might otherwise go unnoticed. The timeline covers the time from preconception to the present, reflecting the importance of the whole lifespan to a person’s current health.

The Functional Medicine Matrix

The Functional Medicine Matrix is a tool that assists the clinician in organizing and prioritizing any patient’s health issues as elicited by a thorough personal, family, social, and medical history. It is specifically organized in order to help the clinician gain a comprehensive perspective of the patient as a whole, and to facilitate discussion of complex medical issues with the patient.