Live Stream Features
  • Audio, video, and PowerPoint materials included
  • CME credit
  • Interactive Features
  • A step toward becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner (Note: You must log in to view the live broadcast through your own IFM online account to receive credit toward IFM Certification)

Online registration for live streaming will close at 4 pm Pacific on Friday, February 3.

Interested in Live Streaming?

Take the following steps to get started.

Step One
From the computer or mobile device you intend to use to participate in the live stream event, open the System Checker Tool. Click on "Run Test" in the lower right hand corner. This important step will ensure you have the minimum technical requirements to live stream without issue.

Step Two
The short video tutorial below will allow you to preview the live stream experience.

Step Three
Review the Live Stream FAQ below and be sure to contact us if you have additional questions.

+ What does my live stream tuition include?

+ How does live streaming work?

+ Is there a registration deadline for the live stream option?

+ What are the live stream participation requirements?

+ Can I participate on mobile device or tablet?

+ How do I know if I meet the minimum technical and device requirements to do live streaming?

+ What if I do not pass the system checker screening? Is there technical support for this program?

+ Can I log in with multiple devices?

+ Is live stream available internationally? If so, is the time adjusted?

+ Is live streaming archived?

+ Can I pause if I need to walk away for a moment?

+ What does the live streaming look like?

+ What is the cancellation policy for live streaming?

+ Can I switch from the onsite event to the live stream option?

+ Can I attend both the Cardiometabolic APM and the Immune APM?

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