Optional Evening Session Description


The Business and Clinical Strategies for Successful Practice Implementation (BCSSPI) series is a set of 90-minute informational sessions, each of which outline the tools, laboratory testing, billing and coding, and legal considerations for implementing the Functional Medicine techniques discussed at each of the six IFM Advanced Practice Modules (APMs). Each session will include presentations by experts as well as a Q&A session that will allow practitioners to ask specific questions about billing, coding, and legal advice. These optional sessions will be offered in the evening of the second day of each APM.

The BCSSPI series is specific to the content taught at IFM. Materials, tools, and resources used will correspond to theories, therapies, treatment modalities, and considerations specific to practitioners trained in IFM’s approach to Functional Medicine and relevant APMs.

Specifics of the GI BCSSPI

Saturday, October 29th, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
The GI: Business and Clinical Strategies for Successful Practice Implementation program will help practitioners incorporate the Functional Medicine theories, testing, and treatment information presented during the GI APM into their practice by providing specific information regarding:

  • Clinical practice implementation solutions:
    • Types of conventional and functional laboratory tests, companies and costs, and specimen requirements.
    • Clinical takeaways summary of therapeutic interventions for supporting IBS/dysbiosis, maldigestion/malabsorption, intestinal permeability, food triggers, and GERD.
    • Nutraceutical clinical guide of the most commonly utilized supplements and nutraceutical interventions for optimizing gastrointestinal health from leading companies.
  • Financial and insurance-based practice implementation solutions:
    • Impactful documentation, coding, and billing to ensure successful reimbursement for GI-specific testing.
    • Procedural (CPT) and diagnosis (ICD10) codes used for laboratory testing.
    • Procedural (CPT) and diagnosis (ICD10) codes used for billing/reimbursement of consult time.
  • Legal practice implementation solutions:
    • Access to our legal and risk management consultants to ask your GI-related questions.
    • Legal documents, including informed consent for Functional Medicine laboratory testing.
The GI BCSSPI session will include the following presentations:

Practice Implementation Solutions for Assessment and Treatment of Gastrointestinal-Related Disorders, with Mark Menolascino, MD
Dr. Menolascino will present a summary of gathering resources that include laboratory tests for gastrointestinal dysfunction, including the various test types, companies, specimen requirements, and costs. He will also present the most common therapeutic interventions for initiating supplements IFM educators use to treat GI-related dysfunctions.

Assessing Gastrointestinal-Related Disorders, with Patrick Hanaway, MD
Dr. Hanaway will highlight laboratory tests used for gathering information related to GI health. He will share his expert opinion and offer clinical insights regarding the various tests available in the industry, considerations in testing methodologies, plus the reliability and validity of the most commonly ordered functional tests.

IFM Toolkit Assets and Resources, with Mark Menolascino, MD
In this presentation, Dr. Menolascino will highlight all of the new GI practice implementation documents that relate to assessing and treating gastrointestinal imbalances. He will demonstrate how to locate these new Practice Implementation Toolkit items and resources in the IFM toolkit.

Ask the Experts: Gastrointestinal Clinical Implementation Q&A Panel, facilitated by Kristi Hughes, ND
Clinical panelists Mark Menolascino, MD, Patrick Hanaway, MD, and Tom Sult, MD, will introduce their business models, as well as answer your questions about how they successfully assess and treat gastrointestinal dysfunction in their practices. They will highlight their challenges and successes from their own clinical experiences. Tom Blue, Director of Strategic Development at IFM, will offer insight into business practice models, various reimbursement scenarios, and strategies to make clinical practice more financially viable.

Post-Program Offerings

Practicing Functional Medicine in an Insurance-Billing Model, Presentation and Q&A Session
Accompanying this APM, a recorded presentation will be available from Sonda Kunzi, Director of Billing & Compliance at LeadHealth, where she will review the relevant tools, resources, and opportunities to optimize billing in the insurance model. These strategies will ensure that partners are both comfortable and confident in documenting, coding, and billing principles to receive optimal reimbursement while minimizing risk in their Functional Medicine practice. Ms. Kunzi will be available to answer questions during a live Q&A session.

Legal and Risk Management Q&A Session
Legal counsel from the law firm McDonald Hopkins will respond to the questions submitted during the onsite program. This is an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered by people with expertise in the legal aspects unique to Functional Medicine, as well as to gain insight into specific medicolegal concerns.

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