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Today's Landscape

An epidemic of chronic disease threatens to compromise the health of our population and the effectiveness and economics of our healthcare system. Alarming projections suggest that future generations may have shorter, less healthy lives if current trends continue unchecked.1 Because of its focus on acute care, the current medical model fails to confront both the causes of and solutions for the chronic disease epidemic, and must be replaced with a model of comprehensive care and prevention that is systems-based, integrative, patient-centered, and more effective. Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice® (AFMCP) has been designed to meet that challenge.

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AFMCP teaches healthcare practitioners to more effectively integrate science, research, and clinical insights to treat and prevent disease and maintain health. Established and emerging diagnostics, therapeutics, and prevention strategies are extensively covered. AFMCP integrates these approaches through the Functional Medicine Matrix Model (an innovative and practical assessment tool) and the emphasis on a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner.

AFMCP is a well-orchestrated, comprehensive, patient-centered education program that helps you deepen your clinical understanding and practical application of the Functional Medicine Matrix Model.

Topics include:
  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction and its links to chronic disease
  • Nutritionally focused assessment and treatment
  • Food sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances
  • Inflammation and immune dysregulation
  • Toxins, toxicity, and impaired biotransformation
  • Insulin resistance and cardiometabolic syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance including adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones
  • Oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and fatigue

Your AFMCP Tuition Includes:

  • CME credit
  • Small group, interactive, case-based learning led by IFM Faculty and IFM Certified Practitioners
  • Listing on IFM's web-based practitioner referral network (for current IFM members who have completed AFMCP)
    • Reaches 35,000 potential new patients each month
  • Comprehensive course materials package including:
    • Video and audio downloads of the full conference (Available 4-6 weeks after the course concludes from your online account)
    • Presentation slides in PDF format
    • PDF download of course textbooks: Textbook of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition: A Functional Approach (Over $250 value)
    • Clinical Practice Toolkit including over 200 documents such as intake forms, assessment questionnaires, patient handouts, dietary plans and other case-based resources
  • A step toward becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner
  • Onsite events
    • Delicious and nutritious snacks, some sponsored lunches, and an evening reception
    • Movement and mindfulness activities

1 Olshansky SJ, Passaro DJ, Hershow RC, Layden J, et al. A potential decline in life expectancy in the United States in the 21st century. NEJM. 2005;352(11):1138-45.

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