Functional Nutrition Head to Toe: Comprehensive and Innovative Approaches to Nutritional Assessment responds to the need to re-establish the fading art of physical examination and to strengthen physician nutrition knowledge. Veteran physicians can benefit from this learning journey as they begin to discover previously unrecognized nutrition-related findings through the nutrition-oriented physical exam and laboratory assessments. New healthcare providers can increase their exam skills, create a nutrition physical exam kit, and begin to interpret nutrition-related laboratory results from conventional tests and functional assessments. Nutrition professionals can expand the scope of their physical exam skills and clinical interpretation to include observations from their very first meetings with clients.

Functional Nutrition Head to Toe: Comprehensive and Innovative Approaches to Nutritional Assessment is a unique interactive workshop in which all elements will be taught through the functional medicine lens, focusing on the ABCDs of nutrition assessment:

  • A = anthropometrics and body composition
  •  B = biomarkers, laboratory and functional tests
  • C = clinical indicators uncovered during physical exam
  • D = the Dietary, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Journal

Kristi Hughes, IFM’s Associate Director of Medical Education, discusses the principles of the ABCD’s of functional nutrition assessment.

The PFC-MVP model is also used to create a bridge between assessment and intervention, helping clinicians to keep a close watch on the building blocks of nutrition:

  • P = protein
  • F = fats
  • C = carbohydrates
  • M = minerals
  • V = vitamins
  • P = phytonutrients

The functional medicine operating system for practicing advanced health care includes an emphasis on how to gather and organize medical and life information in a systems biology model. The functional medicine timeline will be used to anchor the nutrition assessment and to further expand knowledge of nutrition-related concerns from various stages of life, including metabolic imprinting that happens in the womb. Nutritional biomarkers and functional laboratory tests will be explored to glean insight concerning health-related issues that could respond to personalized nutrition and dietary modification. The advanced nutrition assessment and physical exam will provide deeper clinical insight; when considered through the functional medicine systems biology model, key underlying causes of disease can emerge, guiding further treatment and patient management. Video clips of leading clinical experts performing the nutrition physical exam will be viewed, followed by hands-on workshops that enable attendees to observe, perform, and then explain physical exam findings. The PFC-MVP methodology will be used to organize all the laboratory and physical exam findings and to advance skills in personalized nutrition and therapeutic interventions.

The Functional Nutrition Screening Room will be available by appointment to all participants on Friday and Saturday mornings, offering the experience of gathering and organizing key clinical data. Dr. Michael Stone will review the findings from these unique exams on Saturday, so each attendee will leave with more clinical insight in how to identify risks, modify or improve health, and further ensure wellness through personalized nutrition. During the program, Dr. Elizabeth Boham will work with attendees to assess personal information gathered from their own ABCDs of nutrition assessment and their Dietary, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Journals, with laboratory results, to identify areas to improve their health.

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