About Certification

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"Phenomenal! Great support throughout the process. Excellent perks after certification: monthly webinars, access to all future IFM modules to stay current..."

—IFMCP Graduate


The IFM Certification Program provides the most comprehensive training available in Functional Medicine. The educational materials have been developed by the leaders in the field, and IFM’s teaching faculty have a depth of experience and knowledge honed not only by many years of practice but also by their commitment to the ongoing development of core concepts, tools, and applications. Your IFMCP experience will include:

  • A patient-centered, systems biology approach
  • Evaluation of principal underlying antecedents, triggers, and mediators in the patient workup
  • In-depth application of important dietary, nutraceutical, phytonutrient, mind/body, and pharmacological therapies
  • Detailed clinical applications of core functional laboratory testing
  • Deepening of practitioner communication skills focused on developing a therapeutic partnership relationship with patients
  • Lecture and case-based learning
  • Onsite and online educational activities
  • Comprehensive assessment of the fundamental physiological systems that organize the key clinical imbalances and are affected by the mental-emotional-spiritual core: Assimilation, Communication, Defense and repair, Transport, Energy, Structural Integrity, Biotransformation and elimination


  • IFM Certified Practitioners are the gold standard in the industry and are sought after by both patients and employers.
  • IFM supports and promotes IFM Certified Practitioners.The most-visited area of the IFM website is the Find A Practitioner Search page with over 60,000 unique searches per month. IFM Certified Practitioners are listed first in all patient searches as having achieved the highest level of education.
  • IFM is the go-to resource for organizations seeking IFM-trained clinicians to fill vacant positions. IFM has secured a partnership with Integrated and Functional Connections to both search for and place IFM trained practitioners in their ideal positions.

Upcoming Programs

July 13-15, 2017
Hormone APM—Live Stream Available

July 16-18, 2017
Energy APM
—Live Stream Available

Chicago, IL

View the IFM Planning Calendar for program dates through 2017.

Steps to Certify

Use the IFM Certification Program Planner (PDF) to view 2017 program dates and create your own individualized plan for certification.


The IFM Certified Practitioner badge is awarded to graduates of the IFMCP. The badge may be used on all marketing and promotional materials (website, business cards/forms/letters, etc.) and will also appear in your listing in IFM's Find A Practitioner search.

Maintenance/Renewal of Certification

To maintain certification:

  • Maintain current IFM membership
  • Maintain active clinical health care license

To renew certification:

  • Pass a written examination every sixth year following certification
  • Provide a copy of your current health care practitioner license