Patrick Hanaway, MD, Chief Medical Education Officer

Patrick Hanaway, MD, Director of Medical Education

What do you do for IFM?

I am Chief Medical Education Officer- I work with our great team and ever-expanding faculty to put on educational events. I develop, update, and review our Functional Medicine curriculum; teach Functional Medicine; train new teachers; and continue to expand awareness of Functional Medicine in medical schools, residencies, and CME events - both in the United States and around the world.

What do you love most about your job with IFM?

The people. Both the incredible IFM Staff and the tens of thousands of passionate health care practitioners who are working to expand their understanding of health and medicine in order to better help our patients- it is actually quite extraordinary. In addition to the people, I love to teach. Did you know that the Latin root of the word for Doctor is 'docere', which means 'to teach'?

IFM partners would most likely know you because…

They've seen me teach with IFM for the past 10 years at AFMCP, GI APM, Energy APM, IFMCP Review Course, Annual International Conferences, and through post-conference webinars. I love to teach.

What are your personal interests outside of work?
My family, friends, and community are the focus of my time and energy away from work. My activities with them include hiking, biking, throwing a disc, tubing down the river, listening to music and trying to be a DJ, and sitting around the fire.

What would IFM partners be surprised to learn about you?

I have been an apprentice with the Huichol Indians in the Western Sierra Madre Mountains for the past 11 years and was initiated as a Marakame (Shaman) within the tradition in 2009. I incorporate these healing tools in my practice, which are a great support to my practice of functional medicine with my wife, Lisa, at