Britta Buckner, Medical Education Administrative Assistant

Contact Information
Phone: 320.762.4295

What was your background before coming to IFM?
For 10 years I have grown my passion for the mind/body/spirit connection while practicing and teaching pilates, both mat and on SUP (stand up paddleboard).  I have had the pleasure of developing wonderful relationships through my passion.  Around my teaching I have gained knowledge in managing a health club, running a balance program, working with physical therapists to coordinate their daily schedules, and data entry/accounts receivable.  All of this led me to IFM!

How would members of the IFM community know you?
I am honored to be a part of such and amazing group of individuals.  IFM will find me in Medical Education as an assistant for Kristi Hughes, ND. I am here to help coordinate and make her processes in all areas run smoothly (with a smile).  

What would the IFM community be surprised to learn about you?

In most any conversation I have, I tend to break out into song from something said (and very frequently a dance to go with it).  At times this is not appropriate, but if anyone were to ask what song I was singing in my head I would always have an answer.