Brian Rewerts, ND, Medical Education Clinical Coordinator

Contact Information:
Phone: 253.661.3036

What was your background before coming to IFM?
I graduated from Bastyr University and practiced Naturopathy for a few years while also teaching at a local for-profit college. Part of my teacher training was the principles of Adult learning and curriculum design; recently I have embarked on graduate school once again to earn a Master’s in Instructional Technology.

How would the IFM community know you?
I am a Medical Education Clinical Coordinator: this means that I am responsible for organizing the workflow around the APMs and supporting the Directors and Presenters. I also have a hand in designing active learning components for several of our programs.
What would the IFM community be surprised to learn about you?
I have several chickens, ducks, geese, and a few thousand bees that make my backyard home. I live with several dogs as well.