Fran Biddle, CPA - Director of Operations and Finance

Contact Information:
Phone: 1.253.661.3020

What was your background before coming to IFM?
I have been in Finance and Operations for many years employed by nonprofit schools, public schools, accounting firms and as an independent consultant.  Business finance and strategy has always been my passion.  I find the work fun and challenging.

How would members of the IFM community know you?

I have been with IFM for 8 years.  I have helped to lead the decisions to create and brand a new website, a Learning Management System, and Customer Database.  My primary responsibility is to insure we are in legal compliance at all times, and to manage our budget and spending.

What would IFM partners be surprised to learn about you?
I think that IFM partners would be most surprised to learn that I drastically changed my health habits over the last few years.  The result is that I now run 1/2 marathons about 3 times a year.  Amazing feeling to be so healthy.  I wish I would have done this 30 years ago.  I have never felt stronger and healthier in my life. Great kudos to the teachings of functional medicine!