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IFM Staff

We are thrilled to have an expert, dedicated staff here at IFM. Click on the names below for contact information and to learn a little more about each staff member.

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Executive Management
Chief Executive Officer - Laurie Hofmann, MPH
Chief Financial Officer - Fran Biddle, CPA
Chief Medical Education Officer - Patrick Hanaway, MD
Executive Director of Medical Education - Robert Luby, MD
Director of Strategic Development - Tom Blue

Medical Education
Director of Medical Education - Dan Lukaczer, ND
Director of Medical Education - Kristi Hughes, ND
Associate Director of Medical Education - T.R. Morris, ND
Associate Director of Medical Education - Brian Rewerts, ND
Medical Education Clinical Coordinator - Marti Costello, DC
Medical Education Clinical Coordinator - Maggie Mills, MSN
Medical Education Content Development Coordinator - Nicole Dotson, ND, LAc
Medical Education Administrative Supervisor - Sherrie Torgerson
Continuing Education Coordinator - Kayla Travis
Medical Education Program Coordinator - Stephanie Hamrick
Medical Education Program Coordinator - Zac Martin
Medical Education Program Coordinator - Amanda Wallow
Medical Education Project Coordinator - Michelle Leary-Chang
Certification Program Coordinator - Taylor White
Medical Education Administrative Assistant - Britta Buckner

Sponsorship and Conference Management
Director of Sponsorship and Meetings - Sally Priest
Conference Supervisor - Stephanie Sharkey
Conference Technology Coordinator - Britta Murray
Sponsorship Coordinator - Mandi Webster-Martin
Conference Assistant - Beth Caudill

Partner Experience and Engagement Team
Director of Partner Experience and Engagement - Andie Crosby
Partner Experience and Engagement Manager - Lucie Pastoriza
Partner Experience and Engagement Manager - Katie Stephens
Partner Experience and Engagement Supervisor - Emily Carlyle
Partner Experience and Engagement Coordinator - Valerie Blomberg
Partner Experience and Engagement Coordinator - Alex Streeper
Partner Experience and Engagement Coordinator - Alana McConnell
Partner Experience and Engagement Assistant - Tabitha Barth
Partner Experience and Engagement Assistant - Sienna Latham
Partner Experience and Engagement Assistant - Cristina Lepisto
Content Development and Engagement Manager - Joel Dahms, MS
Content Development and Engagement Coordinator - Caroline Dombrowski, MLIS
Video Development and Engagement Supervisor - Lisa Wynne
Video Development and Engagement Assistant - Paola Martini
Content Librarian - Jane Leuchter, MLIS

Operations and Accounting
Director of Operations and Finance - Fran Biddle, CPA 
HR Manager - Kae Kamiya
IT Manager - Kristy Rae Stewart
Executive Assistant - Cathy Harvey
Bookkeeper - Debbie Sanstad
Accounting Coordinator - Andrew Wright
Shipping Facilitator - Paul Barrientos
Systems Administrator - Mike Grundy

Key Consultants
Editor/Special Projects - Sheila Quinn