Our Mission

IFM’s mission is to ensure the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine as the standard of care.

Looking Ahead: 2016–2020

For many years, IFM has been the leader in Functional Medicine education, first nationally and then globally. The development of our 2016–2020 Strategic Plan has helped us recognize and celebrate the emergence of a whole ecosystem that we call the Functional Medicine Movement. IFM serves as the leader and catalyst of this ecosystem, incubating, supporting, and disseminating creative and innovative new tools and approaches within the extended Functional Medicine community and beyond. We seek to understand the broad terrain occupied by the movement, identifying stakeholders, issues, and major influences affecting Functional Medicine in the USA and internationally (e.g., trends in primary care, consumerism in health care, digital health, the Affordable Care Act, the genomic revolution, and technology). 
We believe health and vitality are essential to the human spirit. IFM's vision is to advance the highest expression of individual health.

Five strategic priorities serve to focus our operations and resources over the next five years:

  • Education
  • Access
  • Economics
  • Development/Collaboration
  • Research

2016-2020 Strategic Plan at a Glance:

This plan has an expansive reach, broadening IFM’s educational function, clarifying the necessity and value of moving rapidly and comprehensively into a global leadership role, and maximizing the opportunity to use that role to facilitate the evolution of this movement. It’s a big statement about what we are capable of and how we will get there. Specific objectives include:

  • Encouraging major growth in our practitioner base
  • Designing innovative curriculum revisions to better meet the needs of partners and those who are new to Functional Medicine, emphasizing practice implementation and extended skills training
  • Expanding collaborative activities in educational, research, economics, and access-oriented projects
  • Tracking trends in primary care, technology, and consumer demand
  • Continuing our practice research to stay abreast of the changing needs of Functional Medicine practitioners
  • Facilitating the broadest possible integration of Functional Medicine into the global healthcare system

The 2016–20 Strategic Plan reflects IFM’s most vital commitments:

  • to respond effectively to rapid and complex changes in health care and to our evolving role as movement leader
  • to continue the development and refinement of the science, systems, and tools of Functional Medicine
  • to expand our capacity and reach in order to maximize access, improve the economics of Functional Medicine practice, and strengthen and extend key alliances
  • to achieve our mission of making Functional Medicine the standard of care
Educational Objectives:

Get Involved:

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