Linus Pauling Award

In 1996, at IFM's 3rd Annual International Symposium, the Linus Pauling Award in Functional Medicine was established. Dr. Jeffrey Bland had worked with Dr. Pauling earlier in his career, and profoundly admired both the man and his contributions to science and medicine. He felt that no greater honor could be imagined than to name an award after this visionary scientist and thinker. The Linus Pauling Award has been presented since that time to clinicians and researchers whose work has pioneered important principles in Functional Medicine.

In the presentation below, recorded at IFM's 2014 Annual International Conference, Dr. Jeffrey Bland presents Dr. Randy Jirtle with the 2014 Linus Pauling Award in Functional Medicine. Dr. Jirtle is known to have "crossed the boundaries of disciplinary myopia to become the father of environmental epigenetics, observing the role that nutrients play in developmental biology and modulating the epigenome’s expression into the phenotype."

IFM Founder and Chairman Emeritus Jeffrey Bland, PhD, presents
Randy L. Jirtle, PhD, with the 2014 Linus Pauling Award.

Dr. Jirtle's full lecture on his work with B vitamins and how he was able to turn off the genetic expression of the development of diabetes in agouti mice is available to view online for free.

Linus Pauling Award Recipients

Past recipients of the Linus Pauling Award in Functional Medicine, and the accomplishments for which they were honored, are shown below:

Randy Jirtle, MD    

Groundbreaking work on the role that nutrients play in the epigenetic modulation of phenotype and the interactions between the epigenome, the genome, and the environment

Alessio Fasano, MD    


Pioneering work delineating the underlying mechanisms involved in intestinal permeability and its connection to autoimmune disease

Mimi Guarneri, MD    


Significant contributions to the transformation of health care systems that have furthered the evolution of Functional Medicine’s clinical and patient-centered intellectual and spiritual approaches for prevention and treatment of chronic, complex disease

Bruce Ames, PhD    


Revolutionary work on the role of micronutrient deficiency, genetic polymorphisms and associations with chronic disease

Dean Ornish, MD    


Pioneering clinical research demonstrating the impact of lifestyle interventions on chronic disease

Mark Hyman, MD    


Dedication, leadership and advocacy in creating, practicing, and teaching Functional Medicine

Bethany Hays, MD    


Dedication and leadership in the field of Functional Medicine and women’s health issues

Michael Holick, PhD, MD    


Foundational research on the impact of vitamin D on human health

Eleanor Rogan, PhD    


Pioneering work in estrogen metabolism and its role in the initiation of cancer

Catherine Willner, MD    


Innovative clinical advances in Functional Medicine approaches to neurology

Joseph E. Pizzorno, ND    


Dedication to advancing the Functional Medicine paradigm through research, advocacy, and writings

Walter Willett, MD, DPH    


Landmark research on the role of diet in chronic disease

Abram Hoffer, MD    


Clinical advances in personalized orthomolecular psychiatry

David Perlmutter, MD    


Pioneering research and clinical work on the role of diet and nutrition in brain-related disorders

Gerald Reaven, MD    


Groundbreaking research on insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia and risk of chronic disease

Leo Galland, MD    


Advances in the Functional Medicine model of antecedents-triggers-mediators model and patient-centered care

Kilmer McCully, MD    


Foundational research on homocysteine as a marker for inflammation  and early development of heart disease

Sidney Baker, MD    


Advances in clarifying and unifying the Functional Medicine paradigm

David S. Jones, MD    


Leadership and advocacy in the clinical practice of Functional Medicine

Glenn Doman    


Clinical advances in working with brain-injured children

2011 Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeffrey Bland, PhD    
Exceptional creativity, dedication, leadership, and brilliance in developing and advancing the principles and practice of Functional Medicine

Click here to download a printable PDF listing of past LPA recipients.