Do you want better outcomes for patients with complex, chronic disease?

If you're a clinician, you probably know that vague feeling of dread that sometimes arises when you look over the chart for a patient who repeatedly presents with common complaints like fatigue, chronic pain, or depression, and nothing we have done seems to make them any better.

As chronic, complex diseases continue to increase in prevalence, we will see more and more of these patients. And if we continue to use only the conventional medicine approach to treat them, most of them won't get better. Functional Medicine is tailor-made to help these patients.

Find out why at IFM's 5-day foundational course Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
, March 14-18 in Phoenix, AZ.

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February 4-6
Cardiometabolic APM
February 7-9
Immune APM—Live streaming available!

March 14-18

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

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Biointelligence and the N-of-1 Concept

Wearable devices and direct-to-consumer laboratory testing are radically changing the way we personalize medicine and improve functional health. In the fifth installment in the Functional Medicine and Genomics series, IFM Founder Jeffrey Bland, PhD, discusses the "quantified self" movement and its applications to clinical practice.


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