Tools and Takeaways to Identify Cardiometabolic Dysfunction

Understand the physiology underlying cardiometabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, new approaches to effective assessments and treatments, and how to integrate these lifesaving tools into practice.

February 2-4 in Austin, TX

IFM's Immune Advanced Practice Module will take place immediately after Cardiometabolic 2017. Click here to learn more about the Immune 2017 APM.




Find A Functional Medicine Job

IFM has collaborated with Integrated & Functional Connections to offer a robust platform for recruitment as well as posting and searching for opportunities.


Balancing the Immune System

woman_depressed_anxietyImproved sanitation and decreased exposure to infectious agents may play a role in the surging incidence of autoimmune disorders, but that is not the whole story. Certain infections increase the likelihood of autoimmune conditions, and the role of tolerance in the immune system may be the key to understanding the pathophysiology of autoimmune conditions.


A Better Approach to Treating GERD

woman stomach acheApproximately a quarter of the North American population suffers from GERD, yet the common medications used to treat GERD carry significant health risks. What can you do to help GERD patients without worsening their health in the long term?

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