Functional Medicine and Genomics: Is the Future Here?

In a free 6-part series launching in July, IFM co-founder Jeffrey Bland, PhD takes us on an extended journey into genomic applications in Functional Medicine. Dr. Bland helps us imagine a view of health care that includes a deep understanding of how to help patients achieve true wellness and resilience using real-time, tailored information. To view the first installment in the series, visit

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Free Live Stream Event: July 11 8pm-9:30pm EDT

Robert Rountree, MD
Toxins and Illness: Paranoid Fantasy or Legitimate Threat?

Don’t miss this exploratory review by one of IFM's most well-received instructors, Robert Rountree, MD, available as a free live stream event. Dr. Rountree will tackle the challenging subject of how long-term exposure to low levels of multiple, commonly encountered environmental chemicals and heavy metals can be harming our health. Dr. Rountree will also explore how political and economic issues can override the development and implementation of science-based regulations.

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