New One-Day Seminar Introduces the Functional Medicine Approach

Learn practical techniques to uncover the root causes of chronic disease from experienced faculty and real-world scenarios—in a single one-day seminar!
Functional Medicine allows you to work with chronic disease patients beyond the known risk factors to address the root causes of disease. At Exploring Functional Medicine: A Case-Based Approach, experienced faculty will guide you through a clinical case that frames physical and clinical exams and laboratory tests in a real-world scenario, providing techniques that you can apply immediately in the clinic. Join IFM for one day and learn a new paradigm: a systems-based model for addressing chronic disease.

Join us at a seminar location near you:
Space is limited!

October 24, 2015
Exploring Functional Medicine
Santa Monica, CA
October 25, 2015
Exploring Functional Medicine
Phoenix, AZ

November 6-8, 2015
Energy APM—Live streaming available!
Dallas, TX

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FOCUS ON: The Powers and Perils of Sleep

The healing properties of sleep are legendary. So are the perils of a lack of it. Medical science has only recently started to unravel the myriad health effects of sleep and, in the process, shed light on the mechanisms that underlie the dual-edged sword of sleep.


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