Reinvigorate Your Practice with Functional Medicine

How do you encourage patients to adopt new dietary habits and improve their nutrition?

At Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP), IFM's five-day foundational course, learn how to introduce lifestyle changes, assess patient behaviors, and encourage sustainable change.

The AFMCP curriculum gives you a roadmap for guiding patients through lifestyle change-including how to adjust your assessment, intervention, and follow-up protocols to focus on identifying underlying causes and selecting appropriate treatments. Dietary change is challenging for many patients, but AFMCP helps you implement practical strategies that work. 

AFMCP will be offered in 3 locations in 2016. Past programs have sold out. Register today to secure your spot!


Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

View the IFM Planning Calendar for conferences through 2016.

Local Events for Healthcare Practitioners

IFM Connects is a new program created in collaboration with Functional Forum. Events in 10 cities will extend the IFM experience outside the traditional conference setting,  providing a forum for like-minded clinicians to network, learn, and discuss Functional Medicine topics. The first free event will take place on Monday, February 29.

IFM Co-Founder Jeffrey Bland, PhD, will give the keynote presentation: Genetic Dark Matter: Decoding the Force Within. Can't make it to one of the events? Sign up for the free webcast!


Find A Functional Medicine Job

Click here to search for jobs by location and degree. New opportunities are posted every Monday.
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