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Mar 27, 2014

"The Movement" Winter 2014 Issue

We are excited to share with you the Winter 2014 Issue of The Movement - a quarterly update on the emerging news and growth of the functional medicine movement. In this issue, we introduce the first in a series of articles on business models. As Laurie Hofmann,...  Read more >>
Mar 10, 2014

Major Investment Planned in Functional Medicine Practices

n1Health announced today its plans to invest up to $4 million in partnerships with physicians trained in functional medicine.n1Health believes that enabling doctors to move beyond merely suppressing the symptoms of disease to address the root causes of dysfunction...  Read more >>
Feb 12, 2014

IMCJ interviews Patrick Hanaway, MD

In an interview with Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal (IMCJ), IFM Director of Medical Education Patrick Hanaway, MD, talks about the importance of applying nutritional science in clinical practice. He also discusses the opportunities for clinicians...  Read more >>
Jan 31, 2014

Amy Myers, MD, Interviews on the Dr. Oz Show

In an interview with Mehmet Oz, MD, IFM-trained clinician Amy Myers, MD, talks about the functional medicine approach to gluten allergy. In the episode, Myers recommends that patients find a functional medicine doctor to help them find the best treatment strategy...  Read more >>
Dec 6, 2013

"The Movement" Fall 2013 Issue

We are excited to share with you the Fall Issue of The Movement - a quarterly update on the Emerging News and Growth of the Functional Medicine Movement.  As Laurie Hofmann, CEO, states: "Our aim is to provide content that strikes a balance between...  Read more >>