Webinar 2008 - Chronic Pain Series

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  • Clinical pearls 
  • Treatment protocols 
  • Practical, ready-to-use handouts for busy clinicians

"Topical Applications for Chronic Pain"
presented by David Musnick, MD

Many important treatments for chronic pain conditions are not commonly utilized in conventional medicine. One of these notable omissions is topical applications. What are the conditions and indications for which topical applications may show significant clinical benefit? Which compounds are most appropriate in which situations? What are the appropriate steps for ordering these compounded pharmaceuticals? Dr. Musnick will discuss the practical application of topical medications, drawing on his 20 years of experience using these various pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. This is a treatment approach for musculoskeletal pain that will be valuable for all healthcare practitioners.

"Dysbiosis and Pain: Treatment from the Inside Out" presented by Alex Vasquez, DC, ND

The role of dysbiosis in the etiology of autoimmune disease and dysfunction is one of the most complicated and controversial in medicine today. What is the evidence for this association? What are the best laboratory, history-taking, and physical exam techniques for assessing dysbiosis, protozoal, and yeast infestations? When should you treat, and what are the specific protocols, either nutraceutical, botanical, or pharmaceutical? Dr. Vasquez will provide a practical approach to the assessment, treatment, and management of dysbiosis, and he will present challenging issues he has faced in dealing with this complicated condition.

"Treating the Pain of Classic Fibromyalgia" presented by David Brady, ND, DC, CCN

Many clinicians view fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) as one grandiose category into which all patients with unexplained widespread pain and/or fatigue are lumped. But "classic" FMS is wholly a central pain-processing disorder. After a comprehensive workup has determined a diagnosis of true FMS, what should be done to properly treat it? Dr. Brady will discuss the use of natural serotonin modulators and other nutraceuticals, SSRIs, and botanical nervines and adaptagens. Dr. Brady has specialized in FMS for over a decade, and he brings a practical understanding of the problems and pitfalls in treating this syndrome. Through case studies and focused application, he will detail the most appropriate treatment, dosage, and time course of a program for classic FMS.

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