Today's Landscape:
During the past decade, convincing evidence has accumulated that conquering heart disease is not simply a matter of driving serum cholesterol to lower and lower levels; in fact, half the people who have a heart attack have normal cholesterol. Newer research has thrown into question the primacy of elevated LDL cholesterol as the primary driver of heart disease. It appears that cholesterol, while an important signpost, is but one of a variety of markers that indicate cardiovascular risk. “Distinguishing between risk factors and causes is necessary for effective primary prevention and treatment of chronic disease… Risk factor treatment must be replaced with elimination of the drivers, triggers, and causes of chronic disease.”1

IFM’s Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module:
The module will help clinicians understand the foundational biology of cardiometabolic syndrome, the state of the evidence for a new perspective on the model, which assessment and treatment applications are ready for patient care, and how to integrate them into an active practice.

Your Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module will include the following:

  • Pre-course webinars and post-course webinars including IFM foundational archived videos
  • Cardiometabolic-specific chapters from the IFM Textbook of Functional Medicine to review prior to the onsite portion of the course
  • More than 20 on-site lectures
  • PDF documents and MP3 audio downloads of all on-site lectures (Available 4-6 weeks after the onsite course concludes)
  • Interactive case workshops
  • Healthful snacks and morning movement activities
  • Question and Answer sessions with presenters
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to ask additional questions on a post-conference online forum moderated by IFM faculty

Your Takeaways will include:

  • Key IFM tools to incorporate into your practice - Intake forms, patient handouts, and assessment questionnaires.  
  • A step toward becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner.
  • CME (Details will be posted in 2015)
1 Hyman MA. The failure of risk factor treatment for primary prevention of chronic disease. Altern Ther Health Med. 2010;16(3):60-63.