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Cancer is perhaps the most frightening word for patients to hear, but it can be equally disquieting to the clinician because of the increasingly complicated issues that arise: What recommendations should one make on diet, on lifestyle risks, on nutritional and botanical supplementation? What should one advise to counteract the side effects so common during and after the conventional treatments of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and biologic therapies? What interactions should one be aware of? And what should one recommend when a patient comes in following conventional therapy and asks “now what?” The primary care clinician may feel like a bystander during the patient’s treatment, with little input on his or her physical, emotional, and spiritual health. However, ensuring that the patient has access to appropriate adjunctive treatments and preventive strategies is every primary care provider’s responsibility, which is why IFM is offering these eLecture packages.

Cancer is not only multifactorial, it is actually many different diseases subsumed under a single word. In addition, patients all have their own, individual susceptibility to cancer and their own response to treatment, conditioned by their unique genetics, epigenetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures. Functional medicine offers a unique perspective on this complicated picture, enabling practitioners to become effective partners to patients dealing with cancer. Among the stimulating topics discussed in these eLecture series are:

  • The risks and benefits of adjunctive therapies such as nutrition and botanicals
  • Biomarkers for primary prevention and secondary recurrence
  • Individualizing diet and nutrition in cancer care
  • Antioxidants and immunostimulants in cancer prevention and treatment
About These eLectures:
IFM is releasing 10 outstanding lectures from some of the brightest minds in the field of integrative oncology. These CME presentations provide some important answers to the questions about cancer that more and more patients are asking their primary care clinicians.


Lectures were recorded as part of IFM's 2010 International Symposium.